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How to Embed a Video to a Project
How to Embed a Video to a Project
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How to Embed a Video to a Project

In this tutorial you will learn how to add a video to your project.

* You can embed public YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia videos to your project.

NEW: If you publish your ebook as Live Ebook - (PRO/Agency and Premium Plans Only) the video you embed with this element will play inside the Live Ebook.

1. Adding a Placeholder for Your Video

Begin by adding the 'Embed Video' element to the page. The element has to be dragged and dropped to the exact position you want to have the video on that page. 

2. Add The Video URL

Once you drop the element on the page a new popup will open. Go  to YouTube and copy the video URL, then paste it in the URL placeholder.

3. Add Text

 Once you enter the YouTube video URL and click on 'Embed' the video thumbnail is also loaded. Now you can change the text, text color and color of the 'play' button.

Place the cursor on the text and replace it with your own, or simply delete it. To change the text color, place the cursor on the text and go to 'Inspector' >>> 'Text Style' and select the color you want.

To change the play button color, click on it and the  click on the pencil icon in the toolbar. That will open the image editor.

In the image editor select the color you like and save.

4. Generate The PDF

That's it. Once your project is ready, generate the PDF.

5. Playing The Video

 When a reader clicks on the video image, it will be redirected to the YouTube video page.

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