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How to Import a PDF
How to Import a PDF

Importing a PDF file and extracting the text, and cleaning up the final result.

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How to Import a PDF (Pro, Premium & Agency Plans)

Designrr's PDF Import tool extracts text from textual PDFs so you can give a document a completely fresh look and feel.

What type of PDFs can be imported?

It's important to understand that if the PDF isn't a document and is instead a graphic leaflet, flyer, poster, or image - it’s unlikely that the text importer will be able to find and extract the text on the pages. For example, PDFs created from a scanned image, Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Distiller normally have a graphical layout and it’s impossible to separate the text from the graphics.

For example, this magazine is highly graphic, and the text will be difficult to find and extract:

Whereas this is a textual PDF where the content is easy to find and will deliver a good result.

Note: When the images are imported, they are restored to full size and will need to be re-positioned according to the layout you want.  This is because the template will be a different font, size and style that the original one.

Here are the steps to import a PDF

1. Create a New Project

Start by clicking on the 'Create a New Project' button. Select the 'Import From PDF' option.

2. Import the PDF File

To import your PDF either navigate to the file on your computer or copy and paste the PDF link. Give your ebook a title and add your footer text. Then click 'Next'.

Note: The PDF link can be a Dropbox or Google Drive share link.  (Make sure the permissions are made public)

3. Choose a Template

Choose a template for your project by clicking on the “Use” button.

4. Create It

Your project is now being created.

5. Formatting the Content

Your project will then load in the editor. Inspect it and correct it accordingly. 

If your original PDF had a table of contents - then this will need to be removed first, as you can generate a new one with Designrr. It's best to delete the first pages where the old table of contents have been imported.

You will initially see that some of your images are not in the right place. Use the up/down arrow keys to place them back in the right position.

Make sure that all your headings are in heading containers. Depending on how your PDF was formatted sometimes they will appear as paragraphs. In this case, you need to convert them to headings by selecting them and choosing the tag format icon.

If you have a paragraph that is too long and needs to be split you can use the split/merge tool. Learn more about it here: Use this tool 

6. Notes about importing PDF files 

Designrr imports text based whitepapers and short articles that were created in Microsoft Word and saved as PDF. However if you try to import PDFs created in, for example, Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Distiller, Designrr won't be able to import those kinds of files. Also, image based PDFs, like the ones created in Canva, will not be imported.

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