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How To Add a Table
How To Add a Table
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How To Add a Table

In this tutorial you will learn how to add, modify, and move a table in your project.

1. Adding a Table Element to a Page

First begin by navigating to the page where you would like to add your table. Next, click on the 'Elements' tab in the upper left of the sidebar. Here you will see that the 'Table' element is located in the bottom left corner of the options. Grab hold of the 'Table' element with your mouse and drag it to the location where you would like to add the table.

Here you can see that the table element has been added with default text to the page.

2. Modifying the Default Text in the Cells

To change the default text, click on the table cell you want to change. A solid border will appear around the text. To delete the text you need to place your mouse to the right of the text and then click on the backspace key on your keyboard. Continue modifying all of the text in the table.

3. Modifying the Default Font, Font Size and Color

To change the default font, font size and color, click on the table container (1) - make sure that the main table container is selected in the inspector. Toggle the 'Make Changes to all Elements' to ON (2). Change the font, font size and color (3).

4. Moving the Table

After you have finished your edits you may want to move the table to a different location. To do this click on the table element to activate it and, like in the step above, make sure that the 'Table container is selected. Open the toolbar and use the up/down arrows to move the table up or down the page.

Open the toolbar and use the up/down arrows to move the table up or down the page. Here the table has been moved to its new location.

5. Adding Columns and Rows

To add columns and rows start by activating the table container. This is done by clicking on the uppermost left corner of the table. Then click on the word 'table' in the sidebar breadcrumbs.

You know that the table element has been activated when you see the word 'Table' in the upper left hand corner.

Next, open the right click menu and from the table options located to the top make your selection. Make sure that you have your cursor adjacent to the row or column of where you want to add your selection prior to opening the menu.

Here you can see a new column and a row has been added just below and beside the first.

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