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How to Break Up a Long Paragraph
How to Break Up a Long Paragraph

In this article you will learn how to break a long paragraph into several smaller paragraphs.

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1. Shorter Paragraphs

When you create a new project and import the content, Designrr puts to work a proprietary algorithm, working in the background, that ensures the correct distribution of all of the text and image elements imported across the pages.

This ensures not only that your ebooks will look great, but also a correct PDF creation.

Therefore, is very important that when you are writing the content for your ebook, you use short paragraphs, two to three phrases max.

See how well the page area is used, almost no empty white space.

However, if we use long paragraphs Designrr cannot break them into smaller chunks and maximize the use of the page area. Don't forget that Designrr is an eBook builder, is not a text editor!

You are going to find lots of unused white space on the pages that cannot be filled in as the paragraphs are too long to fit in.

What do you do in those cases where you want to break up a long paragraph into smaller chunks?

2. Find the Split Point.Β 

Fortunately is very easy. Simply place the mouse cursor where you want to split the paragraph and...

... hit the 'Enter' key twice. That will create a new paragraph.

Repeat the process as many times as you need and repaginate if needed.​


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