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How to Break Up a Long Paragraph
How to Break Up a Long Paragraph
In this article you will learn how to break a long paragraph into several smaller paragraphs.
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In this example, we are going to break this long paragraph into 3 smaller paragraphs.

1. Select the Content 

Start by selecting the content from the long paragraph that you want to have placed in the smaller paragraphs (essentially, removing the content from the large paragraph and leaving only what you want in the first paragraph). The content will then be added to the new paragraphs in a later step.

First, copy the highlighted content (ctrl C) and paste it (ctrl Z)  to a text file (i.e. using Notepad).  

2. Delete the Content

Once you have copied the content from Designrr to a text file, click on the 'Backspace' key on your keyboard, which will delete the extra content from that first paragraph.

3. Add New Paragraph Elements

Next, click on the 'Plus Sign' in the left sidebar. Now click on the 'Typography' drop down where you will see the 'Paragraph' element. Drag and drop the element onto the page below the first paragraph from which we removed the text. Add as many elements as you need to break up your paragraphs, in this case we are adding two new paragraph elements as seen below.

4. Adding the Content to the New Paragraphs

Now select the content from the text file that you want to add to the first new paragraph. Once selected copy and paste the content into the paragraph element. Make sure to select only the content that goes into each of the elements you have added.

Watch the video to see the tutorial in action:

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