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How to Add a Client to Your Agency
How to Add a Client to Your Agency

In this tutorial you will learn how to add a client account - ONLY FOR AGENCY PREMIUM PLANS.

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With the Agency Premium plan, you can now directly communicate with your clients.

This option is especially useful when you are working on a project that requires frequent input from your customer.

The Agency Premium plan allows you to directly communicate with your customer, without delays, in real time.

1. How to Add a Client

Open the client section found in the dashboard's header and click on the '+ New Client' button.

Fill out at least the email, first and last name fields and click on 'Add Client'.

Important: At this point, your client will receive a notification email with a link to activate the account and create a new password. Make sure that you let your customer know to look out for this email.

2. How To Communicate With Your Client

Open the project and click on the 'Share' button found in the top right corner. A pop-up with a list of your clients will open. Toggle the 'Share' button to enable communication via chat (blue is active). Click on 'Done' to confirm. You can deactivate access to a project the same way (gray is inactive).

When the client logs into their Designrr account, this is what they will find. Any ebook shared will be listed in their dashboard. To add or read comments, they have to open it by clicking on the thumbnail.

3. Using the Chat

After you have shared the project with your client, you can start exchanging messages. To do that, make sure that the chat panel in the right sidebar is open - click on the chat icon in the toolbar to open it.

On the page of the ebook, click on the element you want to ask about and wait until you see the chat icon appear. Then click on it.

Type your question or comment and send it by clicking the blue 'Post Comment' button.

The comment will be given a number and shown on the right side panel as well.

This is what your client will see on their end. Now they can also comment and reply.

After they send their comment, if the task is completed you can mark it as resolved.

Once the comment is resolved, it will show a checkmark in the upper right corner.

TIP: Once you have finished your communication, you can close the chat panel by clicking on the toolbar icon. This will hide all the comment icons in the project itself.

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