By default, the page number are hidden in all templates, but can be easily activated. The page numbers will be added to the footer, right below the footer link

1. How To Show the Page Numbers

To activate the page numbers, go to the 'Setting' section on the Left sidebar and open the 'Page Numbering' drop down menu. To activate the page numbers click on the toggle button to 'ON'.

Notice that by default the page number will be added as 'Page #'. However the word page can be changed for any other word in any language (Seite, pagina, etc.) or completely removed.

2. Page Numbers Do Not Show on Page

In some cases where the footer has been given a white background, the page number may also be in a white color and give the illusion that is not showing in the footer. In these cases, do the following:

  • The 'Make changes to All Elements' button is set to 'ON'.

  • Select the 'Page Number Container' in the footer.

  • Color box to change the page number color.

3. Troubleshooting

Users have the option to hide the headers and footers. To show the page numbers, the headers and footers cannot be hidden.

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