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Using Wordgenie AI to Create Content
Using Wordgenie AI to Create Content

This article teaches you how to use the AI tool to generate content

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Wordgenie is an AI content creator that helps you get started with your non-fiction ebook in 6 clicks. Using your niche and your target audience - it will create a variety of headlines, ebook outlines and then continue to write initial content for you. Once it’s complete, you can edit it and add your own content to supplement and enhance what is produced.

It's important to understand that Wordgenie is a tool that complements your skills, know-how, and experience. In the same way, a carpenter uses a tool to produce their creation - you should ensure you add your voice and customize the end result to make it your own.

The system uses credits to measure usage. A full ebook completion in English is approximately 12,000 - 20,000 credits, including the titles and outline. Depending on the language selected it will use more credits to create your ebook. As well, if you are regenerating content throughout the wizard or editing the outline this too will impact the amount of credits used.

We’ve pre-loaded your account with 100,000+ credits depending on your plan, and you can add additional credits to your account for as little as $17.

To buy more credits you have to go to your account settings section and use the link to add more credits to your account.

The first screen will ask you for your niche. For example, ‘Snowboarding.’

You can select one of the following languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, or Spanish.

It will then suggest sub-niches for you to narrow the focus of your ebook. I chose ‘Freestyle Snowboarding.’

The next screen will ask you for your target audience. It's important when writing a book to understand who it's targeted towards. That way, your language, tone, and content will relate much better to your reader, making it a more effective ebook. For example: Teenagers

Wordgenie will then present 10 recommended titles for your ebook. If you’re not happy with the selection, click re-generate, and it will produce another 10.

*Note: You can use Regenerate up to 5 times per step, but keep in mind that each time you regenerate it will deduct credits from your balance.

After you’ve selected a title and chosen an outline generated from the following screen. The final page will look like this:

As you review the content, you’ll notice an icon to the right of each section. Clicking this will re-generate the text for that section should you want a different version. Once you begin editing the section, the regenerate option will become unavailable.

After you’ve reviewed your content, you can save it as a draft. This will be stored in the draft section of Designrr, where you can edit it further.

Or if you’re happy with the content, then click continue to choose a template.

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