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How To Add Your Own Fonts To Designrr
How To Add Your Own Fonts To Designrr

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to upload your favorite fonts to your Designrr account - ONLY PRO, AGENCY & PREMIUM

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1 - Activate any Text Element

If you want to upload a new font for your paragraphs, start by clicking one on any paragraph to activate it.

Note: you are only allowed to upload fonts you have purchased or have a license to use them.

Start by clicking on any text element to open the 'Text Style' section in the left sidebar.

Under 'Text Style', click on the current font. That will open the fonts menu.

Click on the Custom fonts link.

2 - Upload the Font to Designrr

After you click on the Custom fonts link, navigate to the fonts folder in your computer. The supported font formats are: TTF, OTF, WOFF.

Select the font you want to upload and click on open

Activate the styles you want to use and click on 'Close'

Congratulations, you have uploaded your own set of fonts.

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