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How to Change the Back Cover Page
How to Change the Back Cover Page

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to edit the Back Cove Page.

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1. Finding the Back Cover Page

Not all templates have one and contrary to the cover page and content pages, the edit options are limited to adding the title and one or two paragraphs.

2. Changing the Title and Text

To change the title and text in those containers you have to double click inside the Heading and Paragraph and type the changes. You can also have the content of your paragraph/s typed in a .txt - text file and simply copy and paste the content.

Note: This is the ONLY page where is allowed to copy and paste content or type it in directly. The content for the regular pages of your ebook should be imported.

Use the back page to give a brief overview of what your ebook is about, so less is more. Also keep in mind that the back page is not a regular page and won't behave the same.

In the sample below I have typed the title, copied and pasted my - prewritten - paragraph from a text file and added my logo from the Image section found in the left sidebar.

Tip #1: if your template does not have a back page, simply add a regular page and make it your back page.

Tip #2: if you are going to have your ebook published as Amazon Kindle ebook, do not use a template with a back page as it won't be visible in the ePUB file.

If you want your Kindle ebook to have a back page and your template has one simply delete it and add a regular page as back cover page (as shown above).

Then add a title element and one or more paragraph elements to the page.

Notice how I use the Spacing section >>> Padding top and bottom values to mimic the spacing in the back back cover page.

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