In this tutorial you will learn how to import a Word docx file into Designrr.

Important: Close the Word .docx file in Microsoft Word before importing it to Designrr.

Before starting - check you have formatted the Word Docx first - read this 

1. Create a New Project

Start by clicking on the 'Create a New Project' button. This will open the same pop up that is used for any project; however, this time click on the 'Import From Word Docx' button.

2. Import the Word Doc File

To import your Word docx, copy and paste the Word docx link, give your ebook a title and add your footer text. Then click 'Next'. If your Word docx file is located on your computer’s hard drive, or a removable drive where you do not have a link to the file, you can use the “Upload From Disk” option to navigate to a file stored locally.

3. Choose a Template

Choose a template for your project by clicking ‘Use’ on the thumbnail of your chosen template.

4. Word Docx Import Completed

As seen in the image below, the content in the Word docx file has been imported.

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