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How to Import a Word Docx
How to Import a Word Docx
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In this tutorial you will learn how to import a Word docx file into Designrr.

Important: Close the Word .docx file in Microsoft Word before importing it to Designrr.


Before starting - check you have formatted the Word Docx first - read this 

1. Create a New Project

Start by clicking on the 'Create a New Project' button. This will open the same pop up that is used for any project; however, this time click on the 'Import From Word Docx' button.

2. Import the Word Doc File

To import your Word docx, copy and paste the Word docx link, give your ebook a title and add your footer text. Then click 'Next'.

Note: do not try to import files saved inside a secured area - this is - it needs login details to access the file. Designrr can only import publicly accessible files.

If your Word docx file is located on your computer’s hard drive, or a removable drive where you do not have a link to the file, you can use the “Upload From Disk” option to navigate to a file stored locally.

For this tutorial we will upload a Word file saved in our computer using the 'Upload from your computer' blue link.

After the file has been uploaded you will see a screen similar to this one. Let's analyze it:

  1. Your import has been saved in the draft section as a SAFETY COPY. DO NOT EDIT THI FILE!

    This draft copy is made for any file you import to your account. That's why is so important to import the content or use Wordgenie and never type your ebook directly to the project editor. If anything happens to your project there is always a copy of the content in the draft section.

  2. The title of your Word docx is visible. The file has been correctly imported.

  3. Choose a theme for your project: if you can find a template related to your content among the drop-down template category options, you can choose the one that matches your theme. Otherwise you cane SAFELY leave it empty and then choose any template. You can customize the template colors/cover as you want. The templates are just a starting point, but all aspects can be customized to your needs. Just do not delete any of the header or footer containers or elements in the cover as these are needed for the correct PDF creation. A template is a collection of fonts, styles, colors, a cover and a back page. Even if it's not your niche - you can still use it and simply switch out the cover page for something more relevant, that why you have access to an image database with millions of images. You can replace the cover image with any other that fits your market.

3. Choose a Template

Choose a template for your project by clicking ‘Use’ on the thumbnail of your chosen template, but keep in mind the outcome before selecting a dynamic or a regular template

make sure you read these very important tutorials as well:

4. Word Docx Import Completed

Your Word file has been successfully imported to the project editor inside the template we chose in the previous step. First thing to do BEFORE ANYTHING IS EDITED - Click on the save button found in the bottom left side and make sure you see the confirmation that it has been saved:

At this point your ebook is almost ready as it only needs the final touches before is finished.

If the formatting work was done properly, there should be minimal content editing work to do if any.

See if you have to change the cover image, add page numbers or insert page breaks to have your chapters starting in a new page. Finally, when all is done, add the table of contents.

Finally click on the blue publish button and export the file as PDF, that will give you a real preview of how your ebook looks like. Don't worry about publishing the PDF. The link we provide to deliver the PDF is for internal use only, is just for you to preview and download your projects, is not to be shared.

Once your project is completed you have to generate and download the PDF to your computer. From there, you can email it or upload it to your website or any cloud based storage you may be using.

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