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How to Use Wordgenie Chat
How to Use Wordgenie Chat

In this article you are going to learn how to use the Wordgenie chat tool - Available in the Pro/PREMIUM plans Only

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1. How to Use the Wordgenie Chat

The Wordgenie chat tool is available in the design editor and will allow you to chat with the virtual assistant.

On the left hand toolbar, the Wordgenie chat icon is at the bottom.

There are a few examples to give you ideas on topics to chat about.

You can type your own prompt in the text box. Once the chat responds to your question, you can continue the conversation because the chat is aware of the context of previous prompts.

If you don't like the response, you can regenerate it. You can also rate the results to help improve the chat.

You're able to copy the text to the clipboard by clicking this button...

... and you can drag and drop word genie chat responses directly into your project.

2. Access your Chat History

Access your chat history by clicking this icon:

Currently, Wordgenie Chat does not have access to text that's in your project, so it can't edit or comment on what's in your live project. However, the Wordgenie edit tool can help with text in your project, so please check out our video tutorial on that feature.

This concludes our tutorial on how to use how to use the Wordgenie chat tool.

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