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How To add a Logo to Your Pages
How To add a Logo to Your Pages

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to add and copy a logo/image to every page on your project.

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Before We Begin

This feature is better used in projects created with the regular templates as all the pages in the project share the same layout - except the cover and back pages.

1. Add Your Logo To a Page

Start by opening the Images section found on the left sidebar. If you have not uploaded the logo yet, use the upload option.

Make sure that you have some white space in the page to add the logo image. It does not matter if is on page 1 or page 15, but you must have some empty space. Then drag the logo image to the page.

2. Activate the Free Movement of the image

Keep the image selected and open the Positioning section. Then, activate the Move Item Freely Around The Page option

Now you can freely drag logo anywhere on the page. Usually you want to place it in the footer or header section.

For this example we will add it to the footer section.

Use the lower right handle to resize the logo.

Then drag the image to the correct place in the footer.

TIP: hold the SHIFT key pressed while you drag the logo image for fine positioning.

3. Copy to Every Page

Once your logo image has been added and placed in the correct location on the page right click on the logo to open the menu and click on "Clone To Every Page'.

Make sure that the logo is in the correct position before you add it to every page.

4. How to Delete the Logo

If you made an mistake or you don't want to have the logo shown on every page, you can choose to delete all the logos you've just added to each page or only the logo on a specific page.

For this example we are going to delete the logo that was added to the cover page.

Click on the logo and open the toolbar by clicking on the blue ribbon found at the top left of the image element. Click on the Trash icon.

A pop up like this one will show up. Choose to delete the Selected Only

While the logo in the cover page was deleted, the rest of the pages still have it.

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