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The Navigator Sidebar
The Navigator Sidebar

In this tutorial we are going to explain the functions available in the Navigator.

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The Project Navigator is located on the right side of the Project editor section of Designrr.

All options available in the Navigator are common to both, the Regular and the Dynamic Templates.

1. How to Open the Navigator Menu

By default the Navigator panel is open. If for any reason is not visible, click on the book icon, that will open the Navigator.

On the top right side of each page thumbnail you can find a 'More Options' menu icon (the 3 dots). To bring it up you have to hover the mouse over it, then click on it.

The menu opens.

Some of the options are available in other sections of the Project Editor.

At first glance, all options are self explanatory - Duplicate, Delete, Add New Page, Import Content, Lock Page and Lock all Pages, but hidden a few very useful options and are only visible when you select multiple pages.

2. Select Multiple Pages

Select multiple thumbnail pages pages by clicking on the thumbnails while you press the SHIFT key at the same time - see selected pages 26, 27 and 28.

Open the 'More Options' - the 3 dots menu on any of the selected thumbnails and now you can delete, lock or unlock multiple pages at once!

TIP: In some cases where the project has many pages or images, you may find that your computer is lagging in performance. Closing the Navigator section may help. To do that click on the open book icon.

3. The Dynamic Templates Navigator

As explained at the beginning of this tutorial, all options available in the Navigator are common to both, the Regular and the Dynamic Templates.

However, the Dynamic templates have and additional four square icon. When you click on it you open a window which allows you to select among the several page layouts available for each page type.

For detailed instructions, refer to the Dynamic Template tutorial found as Sample Project on each new account or click here.

Cover Page Layouts

Table Of Contents Layouts

New Chapter Layouts

Regular Page Layouts

Back Page Layouts

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