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How to Use The Wordgenie Prompt Element - Only PRO and Higher Plans
How to Use The Wordgenie Prompt Element - Only PRO and Higher Plans

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to use the Wordgenie Prompt element in your project.

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1. Understanding Prompts

Most probably you are familiar with ChatGPT prompts and how they work.

In the realm of artificial intelligence, particularly in conversational AI models like ChatGPT, a "prompt" plays a crucial role as the prompt is the initial input or instruction given by a user to the AI model. The starting point of any interaction, guiding the direction of the AI's response.

2. What Is The Wordgenie Prompt Element

However, the Wordgenie Prompt element does not exactly work like that.

This element is ideal to add more content to your already created project/ebook in the form of:

  • a list with a max. of 10 items.

  • a long paragraph or,

  • a combination of both, list and paragraph, depending on how you formulate your prompt.

But it won't add long format content or answer real time questions like this one: What is the weather forecast for New York today?

3. How To Use The Wordgenie Prompt Element

It is best used after you have imported your content to the project editor. It will be easier to asses if a section or chapter of your ebook needs more content.

Generate a Short List and Paragraph/s

We are going to expand this section.

Drag the Wordgenie Prompt element to the page.

Notice that we are using a very specific prompt - paid, owned and earned content distribution.

After you enter the prompt hit the ENTER key.

The Wordgenie will start gathering content. If you are happy with the result, click on the 'Insert' button and the content will be added to the page.

Note: each time you refresh the content it will deduct credits from your balance.

This is how it looks once it is added to the page:

Generate a List

You can even type a more generic prompt: types of content distribution - this will generate a list with a max. of 10 items:

This is how it looks when added to a page:

Generate a Long Paragraph

Type your prompt in a question style format: what is content curation? - you will get content in the form of a long paragraph:

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