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How To Create a Workbook with Designrr - PRO and Higher Plans
How To Create a Workbook with Designrr - PRO and Higher Plans

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to use the Worksheet elements and turn your ebook into a Workbook.

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1. What is a Workbook?

A workbook is an tool that can be used for planning and learning. They are comprehensive resources that can help any business or professional operate, plan, and engage with their teams and customers.

Note: the PDF ebooks created by Designrr are not Interactive. They have to be printed.

2. Worksheet Elements

You can spice up your ebook by adding one or multiple worksheets to your pages. Worksheet elements are flexible, grouped elements that enable you to create Worksheet style pages in your ebook.

The elements available are: List, Table, Questions, Weekly planner, Checklist, Free Text, Calendar and Budget.

You can drag any of these elements to your ebook, but they must be placed on a workbook page type. If you drag an element onto a Regular page...

... it will automatically create a new Worksheet page for you in the same place.

3. How To Edit the Worksheet

Each Worksheet element can be edited. To do that, make sure that you have the Worksheet element selected and open the attribute section found on the left sidebar.

4. Troubleshooting

Note that you cannot extend a worksheet over multiple pages, each worksheet must fit into one page.

If you want to have a worksheet that extends over several pages, you have to add a Worksheet page for each extended element.

second page added, notice the we have hidden the title and description for the second page.

This is a link to a sample workbook showcasing most of the worksheet elements:

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