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How to Add a Color Highlight to the Headings
How to Add a Color Highlight to the Headings

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to add a color background to your ebook headings.

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1. Select a Heading Element

In the project manager select the heading element you want to highlight. Then open the 'Background' section found in the left sidebar.

2. Select the Highlight Color

In the 'Background' section click on the 'Background Color' link to open the color palette (1), select your color (2), use the slider for opacity (3), click on 'Choose' to confirm (4).

That's it. Now simply repeat the process to highlight other heading elements.

3. How to Add Some Padding To the Highligh Color

If you want to increase the size of the color background, select the Heading element and open the 'Spacing' section in the left sidebar.

In the padding values selector, slightly increase the Top and Bottom values first. In this case we have added 10 pixels to each. Feel free to experiment with the padding values, but remember, less is more.

4. How to Add the Highlight Color Globally

If you know that you want to add a background color to all your H2 elements in the ebook, you can easily do it by selecting first any H2 element and activating the 'Make Changes to all Elements' switch.

Then repeat the process explained in sections 1, 2 and 3 and all your H2 elements will now show the color accent.

IMPORTANT: always start with the global changes first and then do the individual changes.

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