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How To Use The Column Elements
How To Use The Column Elements

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to use the column elements.

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1. The Column Elements

The column elements are found in the 'Layouts' section of the left sidebar. You can choose to display a 2,3 or 4 column layout.

This elements are specially useful if you want to insert a multiple column layout on a page of a one column regular template.

You can add text elements (headings and paragraphs) or text and image elements to the columns.

**Keep in mind that the content MUST fit inside the page area, it won't extend over several pages.

2. How to Add Elements to the Columns

the columns, at this stage are empty, are just placeholders.

Click inside the first column, on the blue area and open the "Text' section in the left sidebar. Then drag a heading element and a paragraph element below.

Double click inside the heading element and type your headline. Then double click on the paragraph element to activate it and copy and paste any text you want add to that area.

In the other column you could add an image or more text.

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