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How to Use the Text Design Element
How to Use the Text Design Element

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to use the Text Design element.

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if you want to start your heading or paragraph with an icon or small image, this is the correct element for the task.

You can use an image saved in the image section

An icon from the Artwork section

or an icon from the text section

1. Heading with Icon

1 - Open the 'Text' tab found on the left sidebar and drag and drop the 'Text Designs' element to the page.

2 - A new popup will come app with these options - Click on the text of the first option, 'Heading with Icon'.

3 - A new popup with all the icons in our catelogue will come up - Let's choose the right pointing arrow icon by clicking on it.

We get this.

Now you can type the text of the heading element. Type a short headline. Avoid typing a long header spreading over two lines of text.

If you want to change the color of the icon, insert the cursor BETWEEN the icon and the text, like this, you must see the thick blue cursor line.

That will open the text toolbar. Click on the color palette icon and choose the new color.

2. Heading with Image

In this option you can choose to add, either an image from your Image section or an Icon from the artwork.

Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3, but in this last step choose now 'Heading with Image'.

Type the text of the heading element, remember to make it short.

Click on the placeholder image on the heading element and it will open in the left sidebar. Click on 'Change Image'

Now click on the image you want to use for your heading and it will replace the placeholder image. Done!

If you want to use an icon from the 'Artwork' section, DO NOT click on the placeholder image. Instead open the 'Artwork' section >>> Icon and type the keyword for the subject of the icon you want there. For example, 'dog'.

Now, drag the icon to the image placeholder, buy pay ATTENTION to this next step: you have drop the small mouse hand icon into the image placeholder, not the icon image.

You will end up with this.

As the icon is to big, again pay attention this, click on the middle lower handle and the image will aromatically resize.

3. Paragraphs

The process to decorate the paragraphs is exactly the same as with the headings, so repeat the same steps as with the headings.

We will click on the text of the third option: Paragraph with Icon.

IMPORTANT: To add the text to your paragraphs, we recommend to have them typed in a text file and simply copy and paste the text to the Paragraph element.

Start with this step first to have your paragraphs spaced before resizing the icon or adding the artwork icon or image from your image manager.

4. Drop Cap

There is an additional option for the paragraphs: the Drop Cap Initial Large First Letter in a Chapter - A drop cap, or dropcap, is an initial letter in a chapter which is larger than the rest.

Adding this paragraph to the page is a as simple as the other options. Drop the element to the page and select the drop cap option. You should see this:

Now. paste the correct text for that paragraph first...

And replace the T for an E

5. Sample, Ideas

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