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How to Add a Table of Contents
How to Add a Table of Contents

In this tutorial you will learn how to add a Table of Contents to your project.

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Drag and drop the element onto the page. Remember the key here is that all of your chapters and sub-chapters have been turned into heading tags first.

The Table of contents element allows you to do that, add a clickable table of contents to your ebook.

You can choose between two formats: 

  • Chapters

  • Chapters and Sub Chapters.

If you just want to add the chapters make sure that all the heading elements are H2.
If you want to show the Chapters and Sub chapters, have all the Chapters heading elements set as H2 and the Sub Chapters as H3.

You can still use H4 and H5 as sub-sub chapters, but they won't be shown in the TOC.

Steps for creating your TOC:

1. Click on the 'Elements' sign in the upper left hand corner and drag and drop the 'Table Of Contents' element to your page:

2. Choose the format you want to use

Here's what it looks like:

3. Lets now change the style of the TOC

a) Heading: Select the 'Table Of Contents' label, click on 'Text Style' and select the font style and size

Change the font and color.  In our example I will change it to Raleway and a dark grey color.

b) Every line in the TOC is a link.  Because it links directly to the relevant part of your document.

First click on of the links, then change the font and color.

NOTE the Make Changes To All Elements is selected.

Then repeat the process for the page numbers:

TIP: you can easily change any Heading element value to H2, H3 or Paragraph using this useful tool:

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