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How to Add a New Team Member - AGENCY PLANS ONLY
How to Add a New Team Member - AGENCY PLANS ONLY
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How to Create a New Team Member Account

In this tutorial you will learn how to add new users to your team and modify their permissions.

1. Managing Your Team

To add users begin by clicking on the 'Account' Icon >>> 'Agency' >>> 'Team'. This will take you to your members interface where you are able to manage your entire team.

2. Creating a Team Member Account

To add a new team account start by clicking on the '+New team member' button.

Fill out at least the email, first and last name fields. Click on 'Save'

Congratulations! You have added your first team member to your account.

Important: At this point the new team member will receive within minutes a notification email with a link to activate the account and create a new password. Make sure that you, as the account owner, let the new team member know about it.

The next step is to 'Edit Permissions'. In your team screen, click on the new team member profile

Click on the 'Edit Permissions' link to open that section.

3. Default Permissions

To begin you may want to set default permissions for all of your team members. This means that with each new user that you add they will automatically be given the permissions that you have selected. You can later customize permissions for each individual team member to increase or decrease their permissions. You can turn on or off the various options by sliding the button adjacent to the selection to ON or OFF.

4. Modifying Permissions

To modify permissions for your users click on the team member profile you want to change.

Once the profile opens, click on 'Edit Permissions'.

This will open the same permissions pop up where you can make any changes you want to the users permissions.

5. Deleting a User

You can also delete any user on your team. This is done by clicking on the 'Delete Account' button found in the team member profile section.

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