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The Designrr Templates
The Designrr Templates

In this tutorial youa re going to learn about the two type of templates available in Designrr: PRO Dynamic Templates and Standard Templates.

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1. How To Build Your eBook With Designrr

All ebooks created wiith Designrr share the same mechanics: you have to import the content to Designrr.

The ebook is NOT written or edited in Designrr. It has to be done before you import the content. Ideally, this is when the content is finished, edited and corrected.

To create your ebooks you can import content in these formats:

  1. web articles written in HTML,

  2. Word docx,

  3. Google docs

  4. text files.

And of course letting the Wordgenie create the ebook for you.

Once the content is ready you can choose between two type of templates:

The Dynamic/PRO Templates and

The Regular /Standard Templates

2. When To Use What?

While there is no strict rule, the PRO Dynamic templates are your best option if your ebook has been generated by the Wordgenie or you are importing a properly formatted content.

With just a few clicks, after importing the content, you will have an amazingly beautiful ebook ready in seconds.

*Note: DO NOT use these templates if you are planning to publish your ebook on Kindle.

The Regular/Standard templates are ideal for both the beginner user and the experienced Designrr user that needs a more flexible template with a clean interface.

*Use these templates for KIndle ebooks - we recommends the Plain Vanilla template for that purpose.

3. How To Build Your eBook With a Pro Dynamic Template

Follow along with this tutorial to quickly create your ebook using a Dynamic template

4. How To Build Your eBook With a Standard / Regular Template

Follow along with this tutorial to quickly create your ebook using a Regular template

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